Epoxy Flooring Cost/Rate in Pune, India.


As all we know Epoxy Flooring have many benefits like

  1. Durability
  2. Aesthetic Look
  3. Protect Concrete
  4. Smooth Material Handling etc.

Now we see the cost/rate of Epoxy flooring-

Cost/Rate of Epoxy Flooring is depending on the parameters such as Movement on floor, undulation of floor, smoothness of floor, quantity of work.

  1. Movement on floor – There are movement of floor like foot movement, trolley and fork lift movement.
  1. Foot Movement – When there is only foot movement then 2mm thick epoxy flooring is sufficient which will cost Rs.52 per Sq.ft depend on quantity of work.
  2. Forklift and trolley movement – For this movement 3mm epoxy flooring require. Cost will range from Rs.60 to Rs.70 per sq.ft
  1. Undulation of floor – If the floor has undulation then cost will increase as heavy grinding need to be done to minimize the undulation. Also more material will consume to level the floor. Depend on undulation it will cost around Rs.70 to Rs.900/Sq.ft for Epoxy Flooring
  2. Smoothness of floor – If the floor is damaged, have rough finish then epoxy mortar will be use to make it smooth. Then Epoxy flooring done of smooth floor. For rough floor cost will be Rs.70 to Rs.90 per sq.ft
  3. Quantity of Work – If the quantity of work is less than 2000 sq.ft then will be more by Rs.5 to Rs.10 per sq.ft for each above considered condition .

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